I've been getting some great reviews for my new novel, Holiday of a Lifetime, aka Anna's Disaster Diary.  So if you like funny stories, full of action and family drama, you might love it too!

Look up the reviews for yourself here.Thanks to writer and teacher Carole Poustie, and writer Jenny Heslop! 



Holiday of a Lifetime: Anna knew her family's holiday was going to be a disaster before it even started, so it's just as well she'd thought about what to do in case of emergency.  If your family is going on a holiday, read this book... and good luck. You'll need it.


Holiday of a Lifetime... Anna's Diary of Disasters

Holiday of a Lifetime... Anna's Diary of Disasters


I’ve always loved stories and books and words. When I was a kid I loved dressing up in weird and wonderful outfits and playing imaginary games. I think we spent far more time talking about what was going to happen in our games than actually playing them, but there were magical moments when I was totally swept away by imagination and 'became' the person in the story. Now I still make up stories and still get swept away by imagination, but I just wear normal clothes. Mostly.